Travel style

Today my day was all about travel. I spent my whole day visiting family outside of Boston before taking a bus down to NYC. Traveling is all about comfort for me. I believe in looking good as well as feeling comfortable which is why I sometimes bring a heels alternative and maybe a fancier shirt to wear. A lot of times, I’m traveling for something with business or to see friends so I always want to arrive fresh.




I had no one to take the photos for me but still I wanted to provide you all with something. I’m been doing a lot of blue and black with the shirt and the leather jacket. Luckily, that was spotted on the runways the fall so I’m all good. Man, so on trend these days.


From Arm Party to Arm Candy

Tonight I went to an event with my boyfriend that required me to be arm candy. Now it isn’t often that my job is to stand there and look pretty. Frankly, that’s not really my style. If it’s tight, flashy, and sexy, I usually look for inspiration from The Man Repeller. I promise to show you how I’d MR it up sometime this week but for now this was my outfit.


Dress: Zara


Hmm… The leg hole isn’t big enough for stairs. #fancyladyproblems

Gluten Free Apple Upside Down Cake

Last night, I needed a sweet treat. I know, big surprise. But I was feeling lazy so I purchased some gluten free yellow cake mix and canned apple pie filling. I mixed the batter then took half the apple chopped them up and put them in the batter. The other half layered the bottom on the cake pan. I stuck it in the open and waited for it to bake. It was pretty simple.



It ended up being a big success. I had friends over to watch La Dolce Vita movie. So some sweet red wine and dolce was perfect for the night.

Does any one have any great gluten free dessert ideas? Feel free to post links under the comments and I’ll share them with other readers.

Hey Boyfriend, You got some good shirts

This post is appropriately called “Hey Boyfriend, you got some good shirts” because he does in fact have good shirts. But mostly because I like to steal them.

I went horse back riding in a small town in New Jersey today. I had a great time. The fall weather is so wonderful.


Another note: I only had 2 hours of sleep last night so this isn’t exactly my best look.


Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese

I missed Mac and Cheese. I miss it even more when I’m stressed and wanting a little bit of comfort. Today was that day for me. I’ve been working a lot and in the middle of a move so I really wanted a taste of childhood. For me, taking a bite of Mac and Cheese embodies all those feelings that you have as a child where everything is simple and you are safe.

Warning: pictures don’t do it justice.



I boiled water for gluten free pasta and preceded to cook said pasta. I took vegan gluten free sausage patties (I use Sol. Find them at Whole Foods). I cooked them in a pot then added vegan butter. I use gluten free flour to thicken it and make a rue. I added rice milk, the vegan cheeses (cheddar and pepper jack) and a bit of xanthum gum. I let it thicken before throwing the mixed pasta in. Bottom line, it was awesome and no belly aches for me 🙂

School girl cool

Today I went for the while badass school girl look. Today I was just feeling scholarly, focused, and kind of like a big kid so I went for this look. The weather is starting to change in NYC. While it is still sunny and warm there is a cool wind that reminds you autumn is here.

My day started with working on a monologue with my acting class before wandering through the East Village for gluten free sweets. If you haven’t gotten this yet, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Then I head to Balthazar for some lunch and shopper SoHo. Afterwards, I met my big sister for drinks. I got a ton of compliments on my outside so I felt pretty happy with myself.