Pinterest and Food

Obviously, Pinterest has a huge following and with good reason. It is one giant, digital, no mess, no fuss, replacement for inspirational cork boards and overstuffed Moleskine notebooks. Other than looking at beautiful images and street style, I use it for collecting recipes. It has opened up my eyes to another world of cooking. There are things I would never imagine myself cooking or even thinking of, yet I find myself salivating at the pictures of the recipe trying to figure out if I should throw a dinner party so I can make it for all my friends.  Here is a screenshot of my Pinterest board appropriately called “Food :)”.



You can see I’m a huge fan. The most recent recipe I tried was making a gluten free cannoli.

Gluten-free cannoli

It tasted great and all my loved ones had seconds. It was a pretty successful experiment. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my own pictures because I’m down and out on the camera front right now. The IPhone pictures just didn’t cut it. The above is taken from here where you can also find the recipe. Enjoy and start pinning (if you’re not already obsessed).


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