Library, Pinkberry dates, and Truffle Cheese

Today was another day just hanging around Cambridge. I had to go to the library to pick up a book. My boyfriend and I went for a quick Pinkberry stop as post work out treat and ran into a couple who are good friends. After about 30 minutes of talking later, we went to a local cheese shop because they just got a shipment of our favorite truffle cheese. I know it sounds silly to be tracking truffle cheese shipments. This cheese, called Calcio di Bosco al Tartufo, has the perfect balance of salty yet creamy Pecorino flavor that is elevated by the truffle. This is why we love it, but we track it because it’s basically always sold out. Enough about the magic of cheese, this was a pretty relaxed day for me which calls for a relaxed look.

This is where I introduce my dressing mantra to you. If I am feeling lazy and don’t want to go through all the hoopla of putting together a super creative, complicated outfit, I just throw on one interesting piece. For example, I went with the “throw a leather vest of that bitch” ( a more fashionable rendition of the famous RICH BOY’s song, Throw some D’s) choice today. It takes your boyfriend jean and tee shirt combo from okay to “yeah, look at that bad ass”.

Tee Shirt: Urban Outfitters Jeans: J. Brand Vest:H&M Shoes: Dolce Vita  Braclets “Arm Party”: See Fashion Week Look 1 for an in depth description

P.S- It’s okay to wear pieces multiple times in a week. If it works once, it’ll work again.


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