September 12th filled with … not too much?

I had a wisdom teeth check up today. I also had to write a paper. I spent most of the day in the library. I drank a lot of coffee and have a great peanut butter and banana sandwich on gluten free pita. As you can see, it wasn’t very exciting. I am very happy to be going home to NYC tomorrow for the wrap up Fashion Week and business meetings.

Today’s outfit is a bit more lady-like than the past few days. I generally describe myself as lady-like with edge. I was really inspired by Giovanna Battalgia today especially in the make-up department. She always looks so flawless and as though she is wearing no make-up what so ever. I think we should all aspire for loving ourselves completely natural.


Earrings: Moroccan black pearls. My Dad bought me these as a child when he visited London.

Skirt: KARL Shirt: White Silk Sweater: Club Monaco Mens

Please note: I can not just be a lady. I need a bit of leather. šŸ˜‰




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