Mid September Weekend

I owe you all a Looks Du Jour from this weekend. What a crazy, crazy weekend it was. It started with a meeting with a friend of mine who wanted to talk to me about some acting opportunities and well, just generally catch up. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that outfit.  But it was a red shift dress. I will get a picture up as soon as I can.




This was taken at Grand Central Station. I sent the day just enjoying the city. I walked through Central Park, ate 16 Handles, and spent some serious time at Bergdorf Goodman.

Shoes: Handmade in Capri, Italy Pants: J. Crew T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters Chambray: Madewell


Saturday, I visited my boyfriend’s parents. While we were there I got a serious craving for cider donuts. We decided to go on a mission to a local apple orchard in order to get some donuts. We also ended up buying two pies. It was awesome except as I’ve mentioned before I am allergic to gluten. I’m really my own worst enemy. I spent Saturday night with a belly ache.

Shoes: Dolce Vita Dress: Forever 21 Belt: Vintage


Today was the laziest day. I always feel a bit guilty when I don’t put much effort into getting ready. I feel like I’m cheating myself out of the pleasure and creativity of getting dressed. I spent today apartment shopping. People who have never looked for an apartment in Manhattan all assume that it’s going to be an easy thing. The truth is that finding an apartment is a really big pain in the ass.


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