Hurricane Weenend

This was Halloween weekend. I just love seeing all the corseted breast and half out booties on the street. It really is Hoe-oween. But seriously, I make fun but it is the one day that you can let you slut flag fly and if you got the guts, more power to ya girls (and boys). This Friday I decided to play it safe and be Elizabeth Hurley’s version of the devil like in Bedazzled. Sexy but covered. Here are a few pictures from the party. My friend’s penthouse is gorgeous. It was a great night.




Today we are on hurricane watch. Here I am all bundled up. Trying to stay warm and chic can be hard. I went for an an winter white look. All whites were all over the place on the Fall 2012 shows especially in the form of a knit.


That’s all for now. Stay warm my loves.


Blogging Failure

Sorry I’ve been really lacking on blogging. I finally moved into my place and have been so busy with setting up, acting, working, friends, boys, and visiting Boston.

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve been up to.





Fighting sexy.

The weather has really changed. It’s a super gray day in NYC. It’s been rainy for days and we’re all being reminded of what winter is. This is when the real dressing begins.

Today I’m going to discuss the idea of fighting against sexy. I think sexy is easy. It’s easy to go tight, low cut, or short. I think the trick is being sexy without having to expose or be a pin-up. This is a challenge I face frequently. My measurements are 34, 25, 34 so I am very much an hourglass shape. Basically this means pieces cling in my butt and boobs which usually means sexy. But that kind of bombshell look is the opposite of who I am.

I resented my body for a very long time but not I embrace it and work with it. Today, I wanted to show that balance or embracing your shape and who you are at the same time.


I am wearing a black leather pencil skirt with a zip up the front. I paired it with a white collared button up and a gray sweater.

Skirt: H&M, Sweater: H&M, Shirt: Eddie Bauer



Outfit Repeat

This outfit is a repeat. If it works once, rock it again. I have no shame in repeating a look if it worked once. If I’m rushed, I can’t always come up with something creative on the spot so I’ll lean on something that I liked before. Here it is.


I love mixing patterns. These J. Crew pants and Urban Outfitter pants work really well together. It was a beautiful day so I wore my blue sandals I got in Capri.

Rules for mixing patterns: choose patterns with one color in common. In this case, it’s blue and white. Feel free to ground it in something neutral like I did with this black leather vest.

I got the loveliest gift today. It was this beautiful orange cuff. I loved so much I then bought it in blue. What do you guys think? Do you love it to? What should I wear it with?


Silk Scarves

A friend of mine and I had a debate about silk scarves yesterday. I think they are totally beautiful but she said that “they remind me of my grandma.” So I’d love some opinions, are they timeless or old lady?



Weekend Wear

It’s officially autumn in NYC. It is sunny one minute then raining the next. In an effort to escape the the cold concrete streets and the wind tunnel between the tall buildings, we decided to spend a weekend at a friends home in Rockland County, NY. Turns out there is no escaping that the season to wear tights in now upon us. Does anyone else find tights supremely uncomfortable?

I’ve been really into rocking looks that reminiscent of an English school girl

Play with textures by layering leather vests over jackets and play with types of styles like a nice dress with motorcycle boots.

Clothing is how you say, “this is who I am today.” Never be afraid to embrace that.