Fighting sexy.

The weather has really changed. It’s a super gray day in NYC. It’s been rainy for days and we’re all being reminded of what winter is. This is when the real dressing begins.

Today I’m going to discuss the idea of fighting against sexy. I think sexy is easy. It’s easy to go tight, low cut, or short. I think the trick is being sexy without having to expose or be a pin-up. This is a challenge I face frequently. My measurements are 34, 25, 34 so I am very much an hourglass shape. Basically this means pieces cling in my butt and boobs which usually means sexy. But that kind of bombshell look is the opposite of who I am.

I resented my body for a very long time but not I embrace it and work with it. Today, I wanted to show that balance or embracing your shape and who you are at the same time.


I am wearing a black leather pencil skirt with a zip up the front. I paired it with a white collared button up and a gray sweater.

Skirt: H&M, Sweater: H&M, Shirt: Eddie Bauer




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