Department Store kind of day

It’s too fucking cold to do anything outside so I spent my day in bring department stores as a way to get out of the house but stay out of the cold.

I started my day going on a test shoot so I needed a simple outfit. It went smoothly and I was happy with the results. Hopefully some print and commercial work will be coming my way soon. I feel like I really need to be working of some kind. I’m starting to get a bit crazy working on the same project.

Here is a snap I took of today’s outfit in Macy’s herald square store. A personal note on the Macy’s Herald Square store. It’s huge, overwhelming, and filled with tourist. Steer clear if crowds give you any kind of anxiety or if you want to be in a place with any kind of organization. I tend to avoid it because honestly, I end up leaving feeling like I may pass out.


But then I went to Bergdorf Goodman to try on some cocktail dresses for a party I have coming up and feel in love with these Marchesa and Reem Acra dresses.




Working Girl… But not like that

Yesterday was a long hard day at the office. We are a bit understaffed at my job right now so the days have been feeling a lot longer and rougher. I always try to wear something fun and unique but this outfit kind of backfired.

I thought I was really rocking the French school girl chic look. The problem was that I never noticed that the female servers at my job all have to wear knee high socks. A costumer called me over to his table and asked “What are you all suppose to be?” “I’m sorry?” I asked. Then he pointed to our socks. A bit embarrassed, I explain that I think dressing reminiscent to a school girl is cute. He laughed hoping he didn’t offend me.

Anyway here’s the outfit! Leave your comments. Yay or nay?



Versace and Leather

If you don’t know by now, I work at a famous restaurant at a famous hotel in NYC. I love it. I get to meet the coolest people. I also get to wear whatever I want. I love having the freedom to express who I am. Rachel Zoe once said something along the lines that “Style is saying who you are without ever having to speak”. I truly believe in this. My looks change so much depending on what my mood is.

Today, we had an unseasonably warm day. I am really missing the summer. The warm sun on my skin and the life in the trees. I’ve been searching Expedia for weeks deciding whether or not I should book a vacation. Honestly, I’d trade the sauna like subway rides and sweaty street strolls on the burning pavement for this blasting wind tunnels on each street I turn down. Once New Year’s has passed, I’m pretty much through with the cold weather.

On top of that, there is nothing to really look forward to. What? Valentine’s Day. Forced love and the unnerving reminder to singles that you are in fact not love by anyone who isn’t born into love you, (i.e. your family).I guess I could get super excited for Martin Luther King day. I mean, that’s a great day in history. Is MLK a good reason for me to have a few glasses of champagne and dance my face off? Probably not. I feel like I should should spend it listening to the “I have a dream” speech while recognizing how incredibly far our country has come in the last 40 or so years.

The celebration just sort of stops after New Year’s day and then you are alone with the cold and snow and the grey slush on the side of the road. THIS IS WHY, I appreciate every warm day as they come, which brings me to my outfit choice. This is an older Versace dress. I don’t know when it was made meaning Resort or Spring, or what year it was made in. I wanted to embrace the warm weather and my hope for an early Spring by wearing something, absolutely outrageous. Maybe not outrageous but really loud.

I wore it to work and it seemed to brighten everyone’s day which is awesome. I was told it looks “fab” which made me feel pretty happy with my decision. I think the BIG LESSON, is that if something is cut really well then nobody gives a fuck what the pattern is. But take a look yourself. 


Dress: Versace Vest: H&M Shoes: Nine West

On a different note, my good friend Dannielle just left to go back to Brown. This makes me very sad but so far we’ve already Skyped multiple times.There is no trading a friend who truly understands you. For me, a real friend is someone who you can talk about all of your thoughts and problems with and be there for each other before  getting ready to some Marina and The Diamonds and dancing the night away. Afterwards, you have an epic cuddle time sleepover before forcing yourselves past your hangovers in order to make it to work on time. I miss her but we are having lunch when I go to Providence next weekend.

photo (27)

Comments, as always, are welcome.

I stole his shirt

Today my day look was Supertrash black skinny jeans, casual black ballet flats, and my boyfriend’s blue and white shirt. It reminds me of pajamas.

I explored a lot of fabric shop in Midtown. I love to sew and myself things.

Then we went to eat some Pho.



Warm winter days

It was gorgeous yesterday. I wore one of my grandmother’s vintage suit jackets from Missoni. I am so in love with the pale yellow color. It reminds me of spring. I sent the day shopping. I went to Fiat Cafe in Noho to catch up on my fashion magazines while sipping a cappuccino and practicing my French.