Styling for Sophie


I do some work as a stylist. Recently, I styled a shoot my the always lovely, always talented Sophie Kuller. The model was actually a friend of mine, the also lovely, and obviously stunning Natasha Crosby. I will try to get more pictures for you all but for now this is it.

We were inspired by NYC street style meets Kate Moss. These photos don’t do the shoot justice.




So I went to Dudley’s in the Lower East Side for the first time ever yesterday! This being said, I’d like to point out that it is on my block so having not gone in the past 5 months is pretty pathetic considering that the reviews are amazing.

I come into the quaint restaurant which is nearly empty to be greeted by a fairly attractive Australian (I think) man. He says “sit anywhere you like”. With so many tables open, I had my choice and sat in the corner. During the day, Dudley’s in flooded with light which plays off really well against the light table tables and dark bar. Overall, the food was really good and it’s probably going to replace 88 Orchard as my place to grab a cappuccino.

The staff was very pleasant and definitely better looking than the standard waiter but maybe it was just the accents? My suggestion, give it a try and comment your thoughts.



Sophie Kuller and Black Lips

On Monday, I had a photo shoot with the glorious Sofie Kuller where I got to mostly style myself. She choose my hair and make-up look. She went for the bare eye and dark lip trend. We kept the clothing white and black which is big for spring.

Sophie was such a pleasure to work with and just such a talent. She knows what she wants and she knows how to lure it out of you with grace and ease. Go check out her other wok at







Strapless dress: Oscar De La Renta Off the shoulder dress: Armani Pants: Topshop White Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt Statement Necklace: Vintage.


This week I had a photo shoot with the lovely and amazingly talented Sophie Kuller. Here are a few Polaroids.

I’ll update more in the next post. And stay tuned for NYFW posts.




Taking my leap

So after reading Leandra Medine’s post about taking leaps and doing the thing you want to do but never do, I decided to get that second and third tattoo I had been thinking of.

So I had woken up two days ago to a beautifully sunny, 60 degree day and felt alive. I went to all the local art galleries to appreciate but mostly, wish I could afford the amazing pieces in front of me. I went to Café Giatane for a mocha and a light salad. Going there reminds me of being in Paris. I miss Paris so much. Will and I are planning to spend a morning there in June before traveling around France and then Italy. I’ve spent a lot of time in both countries but Will hasn’t. Plus, it’ll be so fun and probably romantic. Send your suggestions on where to go and travel.


Pictures from Café Gitane.

So after such a feel good day, I took my leap and here is the result.