So I went to Dudley’s in the Lower East Side for the first time ever yesterday! This being said, I’d like to point out that it is on my block so having not gone in the past 5 months is pretty pathetic considering that the reviews are amazing.

I come into the quaint restaurant which is nearly empty to be greeted by a fairly attractive Australian (I think) man. He says “sit anywhere you like”. With so many tables open, I had my choice and sat in the corner. During the day, Dudley’s in flooded with light which plays off really well against the light table tables and dark bar. Overall, the food was really good and it’s probably going to replace 88 Orchard as my place to grab a cappuccino.

The staff was very pleasant and definitely better looking than the standard waiter but maybe it was just the accents? My suggestion, give it a try and comment your thoughts.




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