Sunday in the Park + Love

Beautiful days mean one thing in NYC, picnics in the park! I long for the all winter. The trees have finally sprouted into beautiful blossoms and bright green leaves. This outfit was kind of inspired by what would be my Parisian tourist outfit.

It’s easy and comfortable and pretty much made of cheap thrills. Everything is from H&M except for the bag, which is Coach and the sandal which were Handmade from Capri.

My summer weekend tradition is to go to Columbus Circle Whole Foods, stoking up on food, and sitting, eating, and laying for a few hours. That is what blissful heaven is to me. Hand and hand with my fiancé, these kinds of days feel never ending until Monday comes. We need to cherish every day we have together because they are so endlessly important.

One of my good friends eloped this week and he kept telling me that this is the only life we have and that we must surround ourselves with love. He said that not making her his wife as soon as possible would be the biggest mistake of his life because it would mean he was just wasting time and preventing himself from the most amazing and fulfilling journey of his life.

I will leave you all with those beautiful words and of course, outfit photos.





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