Shopping about Town


You tell me which graffiti background do you like better? This outfit would be simple everyday outfit. As not only a hat lover but a die hard Yankee fan, I have a lot of Yankee hats. This one in particular was bought at the last game where the Yankees won the won series. I love this hat so much. I love the camo. Plus I don’t know if you’ve heard but camo is quite in right now!

This look is casual but chic. I love wearing men’s T-shirts because on a woman the automatically give off a “I’m too cool to give a fuck” vibe. This is generally an outfit I’d wear to walk around soho and shop.


NYC is filled with great backgrounds. Which do you like best?


Horror Film


Recently, I wrapped this really fun project I was working on. It was a ghost film based off of an ancient Chinese myth. The cast and crew were all super sweet. My costume was skimpy at best and my make-up was meant to be raggedy. The screening is August 4th for all of you who would like to see it! It was a fun shoot!



But hey, fluffy slippers on set, no so bad.

My birthday


My birthday passed a little while ago but I’ve had such a busy month+ that blogging has escaped me so I have a bit of a backlog. I rang in my birthday at The Top of The Standard with a few close friends. It was pretty much perfect. As always the staff there treated me like I was some VIP when I am, in fact, just little ol’ me.

Thank you for a wonderful night everyone.




Shirt Alexander Wang skirt Helmut Lang Lipstick Dolce and Gabbanna “Attractive Monica” and the make-up was done at Bergdorf Goodman

Frieze Art Fair




This is old news but I went to Frieze Art Fair and had a lot of fun. The entire experience was pretty damn cool. The boat ride over was scenic and absolutely lovely. The exhibits ranged from extremely interesting to extremely strange but hey, that’s art for ya!

I had a photo shoot that morning which explains the pin curls. I have to say that this hairstyle was so much fun and I absolutely fell in love with it. I wish I could wear it all the time but it seems like a lot of work.