A cool July day.

Today was unseasonably cool. I wasn’t exactly prepared for the weather. I knew it was a bit windy so I decided to wear a fun, colorful dress that has a lot of movement. I love to watch fabric sway in the wind. I spent the day with my writing partner working through our script and then off to a fun of shopping and lunch together. I’m hoping this cool NYC weather will pass but I’m also hoping that the heat wave stays away. 


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I added a simply vintage brooch to the back of the dress as a simple, elegant touch but mostly because it’s a great way to pretend that something fits when it so badly needs to be tailored.  I love doing messy updos as a elegant yet easy hairstyle. 

Dress: DVF Shoes: Zara


Photo Credit: Svetlana Blasucci




Our big 4th of July plans got canceled so now we’re having a staycation in our home of New York City.

So 4th of July day consisted of very little activity. It started with breakfast in bed. For me a protein shake with coconut water, goji berries, chia seeds, and spirulina. For him, eggs and toast. I settled in with both my hot water with lemon and earl grey tea while he nestled back into bed with his coffee.

We layer there for awhile until eventually Branson, the dog, started to cry and we motivated ourselves. It was a hot day but a free day means a day at the dog park. It was so hot that Branson hardly wants to play with the other dogs and spends most of the time at our feet. He eventually gets up and we try to convince him to get into the doggie pool but he refuses. I pour water on him to keep him cool and we walk home. Watching all the dogs play is actually really fun and relaxing.


Then other than walking around to get some gelato we stuck inside with the air conditioning. But if you live in NYC and have never been to Il labortorio de gelato, you mustttttt try it. More favors than you could even dream up. I went with the Honey Lavender and Blueberry combo!


Finally, a few of our college guy friends came over and we cooked up some kale, fish, shrimp, and rice. I serve a cocktail of seltzer, mint, limoncello and sliced lemon.

We went over to The Top of The Standard where we sipped cocktails while watching fireworks with great conversation!




I wore a romper from Zara.

Wedding Planning

I am currently engaged to what I guess you could call my college sweetheart. Everyone talks about how unbelievably young we are and silly it may all be but we tend not to care. I think we both have a pretty good outlook on our prospective marriage. We encourage each other to grow as much as possible. We have completely separate goals like my goal of being a very fashionable, talented, Oscar winning actress and him excelling in his company. Then we have goals together like someday opening up our our design house, starting a label together, having children (in like 13 years), buying a house and completely gutting it, actually getting into doing yoga every morning.  I think we’ve realized that the only real way to stay together is to let each other be apart so we can grow both independently and together.

At this point we’ve realized all the ways to piss each other off, like when there are dishes left in the sink, or the dog hasn’t been taken out and one of us is running late and left to do it. Money stresses us out and we have to constantly remind ourselves that money comes and goes but at the end of the day we’re not going to let it take over us. Plus some of our best days require tea in bed with black and white movies and no money spent at all.

Now, we get into wedding planning. I’m bitter about it. It’s hard. It all feels so silly. Am I going to spend that much for no real reason? Am I going to spend that much money on a dress I’ll where once or have migraines over whether or not my mom is going to insist of wearing the tightest dress with the most amount of cleavage? Frankly, I don’t want to. I think weddings need to go back to being about the union of two people and then a celebration. It’s formed into an industry that actually takes away the intimacy of two people are doing one of the most sacred things. This are my thoughts for today. This is my stress and my worries.