Daily Inspiration

Every single day, I send Will a series of pictures and quotes that inspire me or us as a couple. Things that make me smile, inspire me, drive me, or as simple as things I day dream about. It’s just a reminder of what we are working for, who we want to become, or dream to achieve.  So I have decided to share some of that with you all.

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Best Self Help Books for Fall

It’s simply about having the audacity to dream big and the unswerving conviction that you can make any lifestyle a reality.Kylie FlavellI could so use a nap right now<br />
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Paris Looks

I have so many looks planned for Paris that I will have to show a couple at a time. Theses are all representations of the looks I’ve going for, not necessarily the exact pieces I will be wearing. Enjoy. Get inspired.
Paris Day 1
Paris 2

Traveling soon…

In a few weeks, I traveling through Northern Italy and Paris.  Of course, I’m already packing my bag. Here are few dream outfits for the multiple destinations.

Milan Look

NYFW Spring 2014

I’ve decided not to write reviews on the NYFW shows but I will give you a round up on LFW at the end of the week.

I just wanted to share my favorite pics and looks from the past week. Please let me know what you think of my looks.








I ended up at the Vogue magazine runway retreat party as well as a lot of parties at night. I definitely need a post fashion week detox!

Check out theheadhunterjl.com for some of these photos and other amazing street style shots!

It’s Here Part II Lunch Edition

Are you ready for some lunch? In between shows, celeb sightings, and being inspired by all the trends and quirky outfits you’re surrounded by, you need to find lunch.

Cafe Gitane

It’s model central. Mostly, it has a great feel to it and really great food. I love the endive and orange citrus salad. The salad fresh and light. The citrus flavor gets balanced well with a couple of fresh red pepper flakes.  Cafe Gitane happens to make the worlds most adorable cappuccinos. Little paw printed are dusted in cocoa powder on top of your drink. Just a little signature to let you know where you are.



Off the beaten path from Fashion Week craziness but just below my apartment in LES, is a mostly Australian run joint called Dudley’s. The lads are cool and serve up some pretty mean food. Whenever I decided that I hate my allergy to gluten and just want to eat it and feel like shit, I come and order the Grilled Cheese Toastie. I regularly eat any of the many salads they serve and love the drink menu. Will gets his morning Cortado there and these guys have become pretty friendly with us. As far as fashion, blogger  Models Who Eat loves this place and I’ve ran into Alexander Spencer of 4th and Bleeker a few times.


It’s Hereeee…. Part I

Hello my lovely readers,

The time has come once again when every editor, fashion blogger, fashionable celebrity, and photographer flock to our streets,  sit in our restaurants, steal our cabs, and throw the best after parties. Yes, it’s fashion week. While I am busy planning not only my movie but obviously my outfits for what I consider the most wonderful time of the year, I’ve also decided to bring you my little guide to my favorite of NYC.

This post will be my TOP 3 breakfast spots.

The Standard Grille:

I never find much on the dinner menu with all my food allergies but I love the brunch menu. I love the rosemary potatoes that they serve up with their omelets. During fashion week you’re sure to see Chiara Ferragni or the girl from Style Scrapbook at least once. My suggestion is the mushroom and goat cheese omelet.


Jack’s Wife Freda

Everything about this place is great. But I go there when I am craving their Yogurt with Grapefruit and Honey. All the ingredients are super fresh and the environment has a relaxed, easy, almost Parisian feel. As far as the fashion crowd, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller fame is a regular and an awfully nice lady if you ask me.


The Butcher’s Daughter

Their smoothies may take forever but it is well worth it when you get it. I also think they have some of the most fresh and tasty juice in town.  I also go for Number 4 which is their green juice.  The actual food is tastes great as well.  And if you’re trying to spot models, well just hang about and they’ll poor in and out for their juices.