Plaid & Highway 1

I’ve been feeling both the punk plaid and 90’s trend lately. I was very surprised because whenever I look back at 90’s fashion, I cringe but bloggers like Shea Marie at Peace Love Shea have done really great things with the 90’s trend. While I still can’t get myself to commit to it as wholeheartedly as she does, I still wanted to throw it back with a men’s grungy plaid shirt. Like usual, I mixed some prints to make the outfit a bit more interesting. My beauty look is a dark wine lip. Starting in San Francisco, we decided to road trip down to  LA.

Highway One has some of the most beautiful views of California and when the rental car place upgrades you to a convertible then you have no choice but to ride top down along the coastline. It was beautiful and romantic.  Here is the outfit and some breathtaking views.


California Honeymoon 082


This is our convertible. I named her “Slate Rider”.

California Honeymoon 089 copyCalifornia Honeymoon 091

California Honeymoon 249edited California Honeymoon 245

California Honeymoon 244

California Honeymoon 241 copy


Leather, Knits, Keds, & San Fran

It was all smiles on my first day in San Francisco. It was chilly but a gorgeous day. Having not been to San Fran since I was a kid, I decided to be a tourist. We spent the day walking around the fun parts of the city. We started by the water and had breakfast in Ghirardello Square. We followed pass along the water taking in all the sights before venturing off for vintage finds in Haight Asbury. There were so many amazing vintage finds. I also added a new pair of aviators to my collection of sunglasses. We finished with dinner in the Mission District. A lovely tourist day.

California Honeymoon 013


California Honeymoon 009

California Honeymoon 030

California Honeymoon 053California Honeymoon 043


California Honeymoon 162

California Honeymoon 136

California Honeymoon 050


Necklace: Vintage Bag: Vintage Chanel Skirt: KARL Sweater: H&M Shirt: Custom


Travel Day & the 1st night in San Fran

In my last post, I talked about my airport style. Well, after a 6 hour flight I arrived with Will in San Francisco, CA. It was such a pleasant first night but so incredibly cold. We walked around the Nob Hill area where our apartment was located. We found the most lovely restaurant called Nob Hill Cafe. I decided to keep it simple with one of my favorite dresses and ballet flats. I ended up needing to wear a leather jacket on top to keep warm.

I decided to post one more photo from our flight to CA and the rest were taken on the roof of the apartment we were staying at.

California Honeymoon 072

California Honeymoon 094 copy

California Honeymoon 116 copyCalifornia Honeymoon 119 copy

California Honeymoon 167 copy

California Honeymoon 047

These solar powers on the roof were so California. I had to take a picture with them.

Traveling Today to SFO

Airport style is all about being comfortable especially during earlier flights.

Today I opted for leggings, a baggy cotton and cashmere blend T-shirt, a men’s cardigan, and my frye motorcycle boots. All topped off by my new favorite hat. Here is the look and a few shots from the sky.





This made me smile today

Today I was forced onto bed rest from walking phenomena and Will was on a business trip. But it was in fact our one month anniversary. So here is a little shot I’ve glanced upon all day with great happiness.


You have to!

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Topless & Tights

Many years ago Brigitte Bardot did many infamous shots of her topless with tights. It has inspired many photo shoots since then. I went into studio with New York City photographer Svetlana Blasucci for her take on this infamous photo.






For awhile now, I have thought about about nudity and where is the balance between pornographic and artistic. I hope that we have accomplished something that doesn’t even border pornographic but you can tell for yourself. Please let me know where you fall on this argument and what you think can change a photo from fall on either side of the line.



Rachael_Book (85 of 99)

Rachael_Book (89 of 99)

Rachael_Book (94 of 99)


Tell me your thoughts in the comments section! I would love to know 😉