Plaid & Highway 1

I’ve been feeling both the punk plaid and 90’s trend lately. I was very surprised because whenever I look back at 90’s fashion, I cringe but bloggers like Shea Marie at Peace Love Shea have done really great things with the 90’s trend. While I still can’t get myself to commit to it as wholeheartedly as she does, I still wanted to throw it back with a men’s grungy plaid shirt. Like usual, I mixed some prints to make the outfit a bit more interesting. My beauty look is a dark wine lip. Starting in San Francisco, we decided to road trip down to  LA.

Highway One has some of the most beautiful views of California and when the rental car place upgrades you to a convertible then you have no choice but to ride top down along the coastline. It was beautiful and romantic.  Here is the outfit and some breathtaking views.


California Honeymoon 082


This is our convertible. I named her “Slate Rider”.

California Honeymoon 089 copyCalifornia Honeymoon 091

California Honeymoon 249edited California Honeymoon 245

California Honeymoon 244

California Honeymoon 241 copy


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