A new engagement ring

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Even though I am married already, I bet you’ve hardly seen a photo of me with my engagement ring. Here is the story. When Will proposed to me, he proposed with a diamond fully knowing that I would never want a diamond. He wanted something to propose with and knew eventually he would find the right ring for me.

Shortly after, we got engaged my father gave him a ring that had been passed down from generation to generation in my family. It was a very unique ring dating back to 1801. It’s too precious to wear around everyday and I would have been completely heartbroken to have it  lost or stolen.

Then just before our vacation, I was in my favorite NYC vintage jeweler, Doyle & Doyle on Orchard St when I stumbled upon a ruby ring from 1900. It was so simple and beautiful. It broke my heart a bit to leave it there. It was too expensive of a purchase for me to spend for just another ring to wear around at the moment.

Will and I were watching the sunset in Santa Monica when he pulled this little beauty out of his pocket. He bought it so I would finally have an engagement ring to wear around everyday. It made me so happy and completely overjoyed. I love the ruby and it is exactly what I wanted.  So obviously, now I wear it everyday and feel such joy looking at it.


2 thoughts on “A new engagement ring

  1. Hi Racheal Sarah,
    What a lovely story and the ring looks beautiful on you! Enjoy and wear it in good health. Can we share your photos, with credit of course, on Doyle & Doyle’s social media?
    Thanks so much!
    Juliet from Doyle & Doyle

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