The Joutfit of my dreams.

Okay, I hope everyone knows the dream joutfit and if you don’t I’ll make it easy Jeans + Outfit = Joufit. My friends and I came up with this term a few years back when denim on denim really came back on trend. Let me specify by saying that it really refers to anything that looks like denim, so chambray counts.

I had a dream joutfit in mind for a while now. I discovered it when watching the movie Blow with Penelope Cruz & Johnny Depp. In the scene where they marry, she is wearing a completely badass totally 70’s chambray mechanics jumpsuit.



I pretty much NEEDED to have it. But where could I find it? I googled everything, “chambray jumpsuit, mechanics jumpsuit women, denim jumpsuit”. Nothing fit the bill. It seemed like it didn’t matter how many times I searched Google, Pinterest, or repeatedly stared at pictures of Penelope and all her jumpsuit glory. So, the obvious next stop was vintage shops. Duh? Why didn’t I think of that first? So I trekked through both the East and West Village. I searched SoHo. I had tired feet, a lot of coffee, an unlimited metro card but NO CHAMBRAY JUMPSUIT.

New York had failed me but it was okay because I was going to be in San Fran, in a few weeks time. I spent a full day rummaging through everything in Haight Ashbury only to be disappointed. There was nothing even close to it. I had pretty much given up. Then, on our second to last day in California, I was walking along Abbot Kinneay when suddenly a french gypsy woman is selling my jumpsuit (or similar enough to). I ran over, immediately tried it on over my dress in the street, and walked away with it in about 5 minutes time.  So here I am, with what I name THE BLOW MARRIAGE JUMPSUIT.






Jumpsuit: Vintage (no tag) Bag: Chanel Shoes: Christian Louboutin


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