Layers of a NYC Winter

New York City has gotten so very cold. It’s awful. I hate cold weather so I always really bundle up. How do I do that? LAYERS. Layering is so important because going in and out of the subway, stores, restaurants, and back out on the street, your temperature really fluctuates. Layering is also a really great way to reinvent your clothing like I did in the following pictures. As you can see, I put my leather vest over my coat making it look like a partial leather coat with white sleeves. I started with the full outfit and then stripped off the layers so you can see.

IMG_2192edited copy

IMG_2197 copy

IMG_2210 copy

IMG_2214 copy

IMG_2216 copy

IMG_2219 copy

IMG_2222 copy

Being in all black makes me feel like I’m in Funny Face so naturally I started to dance & play with the leaves.

IMG_2235 copy

IMG_2261 copy

IMG_2264 copy

IMG_2287 copy

JEANS: Supertrash SHOES & COAT: Zara SWEATER: J.Crew Men’s SCARF: Vintage HAT: Urban Outfitters

These were shot at The Elizabeth Street Garden which is an amazing space open to the public. It’s on Elizabeth St. below Spring. These head shots were also shot there.

IMG_2278 copy

IMG_2280 copy


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