Channeling some Kanye

All black and gold chains. Whatever, I can be Kanye if I want to. I just need to make Kim Kardashian fall for me, then be a man, then learn to rap… Oh well, looks like this is the closest to being Kanye I’ll be getting for now. I love layering necklaces. Will’s family gave me a lot of great vintage chain necklaces and I just had to wear them. I did a black sheer top with a leather pleated skirt with thigh high boots for a really sexy date night outfit but this works for a night out with the girls as well. I wanted something, warm, slick, chic, and very New York City. I slicked back my hair so I didn’t have to deal with it. I choose a cat eye with a red lip which faded by the time we shot but whatevs. I was more focused on the impending latkes then remembering to bring my lip stick. It was “Devil” by Dolce & Gabbana. Here is the look. Let me know if you’re feelin’ it.

IMG_3527 copy

IMG_3532 copy

IMG_3537 copy

IMG_3533 copy

IMG_3539 copy

IMG_3543 copy

IMG_3534 copy

IMG_3541 copy


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