New York weekend wear the French way

IMG_2157 copyThis is the epitome of relaxed weekend wear for me especially when it is really cold outside. I ended up putting on quirky pin dot socks because I was so cold. To break it down, it’s a lot of layers. It’s something I picked up from the french. Start with basic pants: jeans. Next, a basic shirt. Simple enough a T-shit. Then a sweater. I chose a cardigan. A men’s cardigan to be exact (my husband is tall and lanky). A great scarf and a really warm leather jacket. The bag is vintage. I added my favorite loafers as well. It’s a super simple look for lots of comfort, while still having style. I keep breaking down the layers in the post.

Sorry for not having many pictures on this post. I’ve had a very busy weekend and have AN AMAZING collab project we’ll be showing this week. Unfortunately, we just had to snap when we could. BUT TELL ME, what did you wear this weekend?

IMG_2158 copy


Jeans: J. Brand Shoes: Zara Scarf & Bag: Vintage Sweater: H&M T-Shirt: J. Crew

The scarf is something Will’s grandmother brought back from her travels filling it with amazing stories. Do you own pieces like that?


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