#NormalPeopleTheMovie #Script Snippet

For a little while now, I’ve been working on a script with my best friend and writing partner, Glenn Isaacs. Yes, like Glenn Close, she is female.  We met in an acting class and hit it off. Secretly, what you all don’t know is that she not only has taken some photos on this blog but regularly edits the content!

Anyway, our movie is moving into pre-production stages and I thought that I’d share a bit with all of you. We are still signing on actors and some more “behind the camera” people but we are BEYOND THRILLED that it is happening. It’s a movie on a subject very close to our hearts: mental health. The story follows the journey of two girls who suffer from depression (and other mental illnesses) on their road to self-love, self-worth, and the discovery of what makes a “normal person”.

I will keep you posted with everything that happens as it progresses. Here is a snippet of when the character I will play meets a new man. I hope you enjoy and tell us what you think. GET EXCITED & ignore the blank title page in order to protect our privacy.

Cecily & Nolan snippet preview

Enjoy & Cheers to my little Glenniscle!!

branson 002


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