More Holiday Parties with #Bardot Hair & a #LBD

This weekend, I had yet another holiday party. It was a caroling party which is so much more fun. Check out my Instagram for a really fun video of a doo wop  Silent Night. Anyway, this is a pretty casual party so I kept it simple with an LBD. It was a bit too big for me but I pinned it in the back to make it wearable. In these pictures, I’m wearing leather loafers but I did change into kitten heels. I got into the holiday mood with these obnoxious sparkly nails which I got a lot of compliments on.

I have been feeling very 60’s lately so I went for a Bardot inspired hair look. I love long and big hair. There is just something so fun and sexy about it. Check out the pictures and tell me what you’ve been wearing to your parties. I love reading your comments and emails.

IMG_3847 copy

IMG_3852 copy

IMG_3860 copy

IMG_3855 copy

IMG_3870 copy


IMG_3865 copy

IMG_3869 copy

SURPRISE! I’m becoming a Rockette!

IMG_3873 copy

Just kidding, a bodybuilder.

IMG_3876 copy

Dress: Juicy Couture Shoes: Zara Pin: Vintage Nail Polish: OPI


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