Tea Talks: #10Essentials for Rachael Forster when #Traveling

While you will have a look of the day later in the day, I figured I’d do a post on my ten essentials especially when traveling.


1. Laptop: Until I can afford an easier to carry tablet, bringing my computer around is all I can do. But it’s essential so I can connect with all my lovely readers, make edits on our script with Final Draft, and use Photoshop to edit pictures. I can’t really just leave work at home because I don’t have a normal job.


2. Lavender Spray Mist: To help ease some travel stress, hydrate my skin, and to have an aromatherapy boost. I also spray it on pillows of where ever I’m staying for a relaxing sleep.


3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: I never like to have too much cover and this tinted moisturizer is just a nice. It is light and leaves your skin feeling glowing. This goes wherever I go. I also make sure I get the one with SPF.


4. A PJ Set: I love pajamas more than anything so being able to settle into something pretty, sexy, and comfortable when you get to your destination is a must for me.


5. A Great Mascara: Nothing opens your eyes like a great mascara. I switch up my brands so my lashes don’t get use to it but currently I’m using Givenchy. After a long car ride, flight or train ride, open up your eyes and fake a good night sleep with mascara & a curler. They go hand and hand for me.


6. An eye mask: Speaking of a good night’s sleep, GET ONE. I wear an eye mask at home because I’m sensitive to light and a light sleep. Wearing an eye mask is a savior especially since you can’t control the conditions of whatever room your Aunt Cassie decided to stick you this year on Christmas. Sleep in and block out the rays.


7. A oversized scarf: Regulating your temperature is super hard on a flight so I find big scarves the can double as blankets to be wonderful. Plus you can actually wear it to keep warm if your destination is not.


8. A Great Lip balm: Chapped lips are not attractive or very kissable. Why make yourself uncomfortable by not bringing yours with you? Kora Organics makes a lip balm for the gods plus you can stick it on your cheeks to get a summery glow.


9. Stylish Walking Flat: Nothing yells tourist than a pair of gym trainers. I believe in comfort but you can still look cool while doing it. I love a luxurious leather ballet flat for a walking shoe. I spent many a hours wearing the soles of my shoes around Paris and not once did someone think I was a tourist.


10. Last but not least, CAMERA: document everything. You will want it later. I just found footage from a trip from Amsterdam and I can not tell you how happy it made me. Capture it all. This is your life.

XO & so much love.


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