#AllBlackEverything #British #Schoolgirl Inspiration

I was hanging around Westchester, NY doing a bit of shopping when we took these snap shots. I was a bit inspired by an Alex Chung look. She has this British school girl cool mixed with a school girl style. I think it’s just so fun and unique but more importantly EASY. I added this statement necklace that Will’s parents gave me for Christmas. This coat kept me super warm. The layers were perfect for walking about the mall. I could just strip off layers as my shopping went on. I hope you are all hitting up the post holiday sales and tell me what you are buying. Here is the look. Tell me what you feel about it.


IMG_4132 copy

IMG_4135 copy

IMG_4140 copy

IMG_4134 copy

IMG_4143 copy

IMG_4139 copy

IMG_4136 copy

IMG_4152 copy

Coat: Vintage Bag: Chanel Sweater: H&M Necklace: Simply Vera



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