Playing Dress Up Day 2 With @TenetShop , @BarbaraBui, & @JBrandJeans

While in Southampton, I got to have an amazing time making friends and playing dress-up at the most wonderful shop on the planet, Tenet. If you haven’t heard about them, well, I’m sorry for you. They sell both men’s and woman’s clothing, all of which I wanted to take home, at a variety of price points. They opened their first shop in Southampton about 3 years ago, and have grown to be an amazing, luxurious boutique with a sense of friendliness and fun that can’t be matched. In summer 2014, they plan to launch their e-commerce site, which will bring all their glory straight to your doorstep. If you are in the neighborhood, stop into the shop and get friendly with the amazing staff. My suspicions lead me to believe that within a years time, all your friends will be bragging about their Tenet buys. Anyway, here is my SECOND LOOK of playing dress up with my new friends at Tenet.

IMG_4195 copy


IMG_4197 copy

IMG_4208 copy


IMG_4205 copy


IMG_4213 copy


IMG_4202 copy


IMG_4212 copy


IMG_4200 copy



Pants & Shoes: Barbara Bui Top: J. Brand

This is perfect for an NYE PARTY or general get together with friends. I adore the leather inserts in the pants as well as the unique twist on the black pump. This shirt is J. Brand. Yes, can you believe it? They are known for their jeans but make the most beautiful shirts with flowing and interesting shapes.



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