#WinterLayers with @Zara @LFSTORES & #ThingsIstoleFromMyMom

I feel like everyone in my life is going through some sort of evolution. Will and I may be moving or traveling. I’m making a moving. Friends are moving or breaking up or falling in love. Everything is changing around me all at once. It can be so disorienting.

Anyway, here is some winter layering porn. Enjoy.

_DSC1799 copy

_DSC1789 copy






_DSC1800 copy


_DSC1813 copy


Shot by: Svetlana Blasucci


Shit, someone is coming over? #EasyEntertaining #QuickAppetizers #GlutenFree #Munching

We all know that I can’t have gluten but over the past few months, I’ve been able to have dairy again. It’s been pretty great though I keep the intake pretty love just because it’s still not great for my tummy. Will, however, loves cheese so we always keep it in the house. I like to keep Brie on hand, just in case, we have last minute guest. The recipe is simple. Just stick the Brie in the oven at 350 degrees until it is warmed through, about 20 minutes.  I stick it on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Before I was G-free, I would wrap it in Puff Pastry for a very decadent snack. They drizzle some honey over it. I like to add fruit like grapes, apples,and figs but crackers and slices of french baguette are great as well. It also looks kind of pretty when plated all nicely.







Pair it with some wine and your guests will be mighty happy with you. I like a dry red wine with something so rich but we all have different tastes.

#Casual #Americana #Streetstyle with @LFStores @DolceVita @HM @Forever21 #DoubleDenim

This is my super casual day look that is perfect for running around the city. It’s definitely meant for days that are a bit warmer than today but is still super bundled. I like to break rules with my clothing. I like to not wear things as they are intended. In this case, I layered my fringe vest on top of my leather jacket. It’s all about what I want to be the focus on the outfit and for me it was the vest. It I layered it underneath it would just be lost. This was much for fun. Kept everything else simple and paired it with a dark vampy lip. Shot by Svetlana Blasucci.


_DSC1751 copy

_DSC1760 copy

_DSC1771 copy


_DSC1772 copy


_DSC1766 copy


_DSC1753 copy

_DSC1777 copy


_DSC1782 copy

Booties: Dolce Vita via LF Jeans: Carmar via LF


Tea Talks: The Simple Life #Reallove #backtobasics #livesimply


Growing up people would ask me, “What do you want to do when you get older?”. Acting was always the first thing to come to mind because of how much I love it. The truth is that in the back of my mind I always thought, “Why do I have to do anything?”. I know that sounds like I’m some lazy loser with no life but it’s actually something very different.

Since I was a child I have always craved something much simpler than our world of the Internet, cell phones, and need to be something. I’ve always wanted much more in life than than to be rich. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to love and be in love. I wanted to be surrounded by beauty and to be ruled by nothing other than what I felt like doing that day.

Some day I’d like to have kids that I’d like to teach them to appreciate the soil more than their cellphone. I’d like them to appreciate the feeling of the sun on their skin than their physical appearance of their tan.

We were taught that we have to be something. We have to make money, be the best, and strive for more. I have visions dancing around my head that don’t include that. I only wish to make enough and buy an escape for the world. I wish to be surrounded by beauty and nature. I wish to be surrounded by loved ones and kind people who appreciate the real things in the world. I want to live in a world and life that feels safe, homey, and nice.

In the end when we pass away only idiots will look back on our lives and value how many Birkin bags you had. When you look back on your life I guarantee what will matter are the people, the memories you shared, the love you had, and the legacy you left behind.

I don’t know if I want to pass on this vision of the “American dream” on. I don’t want to pass on this idea that money means superiority or that spending 14 hours a day in the office is normal and right. Where is your life if your whole life is a series of disconnected relationships, long hours at a job you hate but told you should stay with so you can make good money, and you hardly see your friends, family, gym, or yourself. But then you could settle for the “mediocre life” of the suburbs where you live in the smallest town where you’re constantly judged and the coolest girls in school are the ones who got a designer bag for Christmas and shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.

No, I want something differently. I think everyone considered these thoughts as a lack of focus rather than a want for something different. No one has ever understood that my goals were always very simple. Do what I love, be with who I love, be surrounded by what I love. Stop putting importance on things that don’t matter.

What if all I really want is a vineyard in the South of France away from the world’s expectations? What if I just want somewhere beautiful to live out all of my days? What if I want something self sustainable? It just pays for itself by the things that the lands provide and I can spend my days enjoying the simple fruits of my labor? What if all I want is to travel on occasion, write, love, make amazing food, and live without any pressure to be or do anything more than squeeze the happiness out of each day?

#MixedPrints #English #SchoolGirlChic with @HM @Storets @BananaRepublic @AnneTaylor @Zara

I love wearing high knee socks. I feel like I’m a little school girl. Here is my Sunday look. It’s great for shopping and brunch. The extra layers really help keep you warm in this cold NYC weather. I can’t imagine what fashion week is going to be like since it literally snows every other day. I love mixing prints like this Herringbone with this Gingham. It’s a really fun combination. Layering to stay warm doesn’t have to be boring. Just try different combinations of colors and prints. It will help brighten your cloudy winter days and keep you out of the sweater, jeans, and boots rut.

_DSC1730 copy _DSC1731 copy _DSC1735 _DSC1736 copy _DSC1739 _DSC1741 copy _DSC1743 copy _DSC1746 copy

Shot by Svetlana Blassuci

#BlackandWhite #OOTD #Menswear @Armani @CTShirts #HighKneeBoots @Storets @SteveMadden @HM

Today, I wore my Armani dress from yesterday in a completely different way. It’s a bit more unconventional but I sort of love it. I felt a bit like a French Boho Goddess in New York City. I will never fall out of love with the turquoise belt and the funky Santa Fe kind of belt. It was my grandmother’s and one of my favorite accessories. I love adding a pop of color to all black and white. This coat kept me nice and warm as well.

_DSC1870 copy

_DSC1877 copy


_DSC1882 copy




Photos by Svetlana Blasucci.

_DSC1909 copy

_DSC1906_DSC1917 copy

Belt: Vintage Dress: Armani Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt Boots: Steve Madden Hat: H&M

Getting to Know Rachael Forster #Interview #MeetMe

_MG_5880 copy.jpg1

So I’ve come to the realization that you all may not know much about me so we are going to do a getting to know me Questionnaire. These questions were found (collected?) by my friends & (RF) team. Enjoy.

– Available: No.
– Age: 23
– Annoyance: Mean people.
– Animal: Puppiesssss.

– Birthday: May 14th
– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes.
– Best feeling in the world: Hard work then Succeeding
– Blind or Deaf: Deaf
– Best weather: Warm Spring days
– Been in Love: Always.
– Been on stage: Always.
– Believe in Santa: Totally.

– Candy:  Dark Chocolate
– Color: Black
– Chinese/Mexican Food: Mexican
– Cake or pie: Pie
– Continent to visit: All of the above.

– Day or Night: Night
– Dancing in the rain: Absolutely.

– Eyes: Brown.
– Everyone’s got: something special about them.

– Full Name: Wouldn’t you like to know?
– Food: All things Italian.
– First thoughts waking up: Warm, cozy.
– Gum: Always in my purse. Orbit Peppermint.
– Greatest Fear: Tsunamis
– Goals: Win an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a SAG award. I’ll take them all.

– Hair Color: Brown. But it really depends on the role.
– Height: 5’3″
‘- Happy: Through great efforts.
– Holiday: Thanksgiving.
– How do you want to die:  Old and Asleep.

– Ice Cream: Salted Caramel Gelato
– Instrument: Sort of Guitar?

– Jewerly: Everything.
– Job: Actress and you know, this shit.

– Kids: None to speak of.
– Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing
– Keep a journal?: No.

– Love: Filled with it.
– Letter: Really? This is a real question. R.
– Laughed so hard you cried: I know some funny people.
– Longest car ride: NYC to MIA, Bad Idea.

– Movies: That’s my job!
– Motion sickness?: Unfortunately.

– Number of Siblings: 3
– Number of Piercings: 1 set.

– One wish: A success career and a forever  kind of marriage.

– Perfect Pizza: Gluten free.
– Pepsi/Coke: Coconut Water, Kombucha, Green Tea!!

– Quality: Nothing is better.

– Reason to cry: Death.
– Reality T.V.: Embarrassingly, yes. Kardashians & Geordie Shore.
– Radio Stations: Pandora!
– Roll your tongue in a four leaf clover: That is not a skill I have acquired.
– Ring size: 5

– Shoe size:6 1/2-7
– Salad Dressing: Lemon & Olive Oil
– Sushi: Yes.
– Skinny dipped?: This is getting naughty.
– In the shower?: Again, quite naughty.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Blueberries.
– Tattoos: 3, a heart on my wrist, a Chai on my neck, a quote on my rib.
– Time for bed: Am I a child?
– Thunderstorms: are wonderful!

– Unpredictable: Always.

– Vacation spot(s): Capri, Italy.

– Weakness: Sweets.
– Who makes you laugh the most: Jimmy Kimmel.
– Worst feeling: Being disappointed.
– Wanted to be a model: Sure, just have to grow a bit.
– Worst Weather?: Cold & Wet.

– X-Rays: At least once a year.
– Ex’s: Let’s not mention it.

– Year it is now: 2014
– Yellow: Lovely color.

– Zoo animal: Monkeys, Elephants, Sloths, Lions, Tigers, Bear, anything furry.