5 #Places I’d Like to #Travel to in 2014

I love to travel and I am determined to finally be able to scrooge up the money and find the time to fly away to some other places. I want to revisit the old and discover the new. I was planning on doing 14 for 2014 but let’s face it with a movie filming this summer and a limited bank account, I am going to settle on 5. Here are my 5 places of 2014.



9a2e74af8f4bc884a51ea934f56a87a6Surprisingly, I’ve never been anywhere in Ireland. I really want to hit up Dublin to visit my dear friend Johnny before off to the quiet countryside. There seems like there is so much beauty to see and I want to see every lush green open field I can. I’m hoping I can make it there in March when it is still a bit cold and I could put my Wellington boots to the test.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy


I’ve been to Italy before and it is by far one of my most favorite countries but I’ve never been to Cinque Terre even though I’ve always dreamed of it. I hope to make my way there sometime this summer. Hopefully, I can go in May when it starts to heat up but tourist season isn’t at it’s highest.

3. Venice

d96059851c81dfbf3393873ce609a81fI’ve been to Venice before and loved it. It’s remarkable and there truly is nowhere in the world like it. But like Paris, it is a city for lovers. Will has never been and I’ve been dying to go with him. Maybe we can make a great escape this summer. I love hearing the water crash along the sidewalks at night and in the summer when the sun is beaming down on you as you make your way through narrow alleyways. I love seeing the masks in the windows, feeling the vaporetto sway back and forth as you travel around, and knowing that all this history may not last forever.

4. Isreal

059bde2d2e549fb53dab8990ba42df78I have yet to take my Birthright yet. I am one of the last of all my Jewish friends to not have explored Israel. My brother hasn’t gone either so I am hoping that we can do it soon. I want to float in the Dead Sea and so many pictures that my camera card breaks. My grandma use to rave about her love of Israel so not going would be a real sadness.

5. Brazil

475e05f4418b79a812ccd65585a65054I’ve wanted to go to Brazil my entire life. It seems like a land filled with beauty, passion, and cultural. That pretty much checks off ever box on my life. There are so many beautiful places to visit in this amazing country and hey, the World Cup happening to be the same year just kind of improves the experience for me.


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