Behind The Scenes of Our #DIYWedding

My wedding was completely DIY. I wanted to run away and get married but I knew our families would probably kill us. I made the executive decision to avoid the wedding industry as much as possible. I hate the idea that weddings have become a show, rather than a genuine expression of love and commitment with a party to celebrate. Not just a party, but a party that represents you as a couple and a night where you get to bring people into your word. It’s like you have a little love bubble and on one night you get to invite how ever amount to people into your little bubble of love. That’s what I wanted it to be.

We kept to to a medium size wedding at about 80 people and were inspired by our love of Italy. We got a personal chef to cater the entire affair and served it family style. As our two families and sets of friends became one, we wanted them to have to pass things around and talk to each other. We passed around big platters of lemony salmon, ricotta stuffed chicken, haricots, fingerling potatoes, salad with a champagne vinaigrette, and bowls of pasta and risotto.

We had the superheros of wedding parties and the most thrifty parents two kids could ask for. I’ll show you some details as well as a few captions.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-8One of my gorgeous bridesmaids and I on the morning of the wedding. We all goofed around while we set up for the guests. There is just something about this picture I love so much. Also, now you know, not glamorous all the time (especially after only 3 hours of sleep). Yeah, I’m in all of Will’s clothing.


willandrachaelforeverwedding-26 copyWe did our own flowers. My bridesman led all the bridesmaids into creating these gorgeous centerpieces. We bought these flowers, as well as the ones used for the bouquet from Whole Foods for 130 dollars. We collected vases from Will’s parent’s house and created an eclectic selection that really worked well together.

photo (1)The bouquet master happy with his masterpieces.



Our centerpiece making party!

willandrachaelforeverwedding-129Our favors also served as name cards. We made homemade sundried tomato infused olive oil &  limoncello as favors for our guest. We found these little bottles at the craft store and Will’s mom with the help of her friend printed and tied names to each one.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-134My sister and bridesmaid sorting through all the names as my father-in-law finish the final touches on music set up.


The final look of the table settings. A round of applause to all of our wedding party.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-59Glenn and I decided we would just marry each other during the rehearsals. JK.


This is when all the girl’s disappear and start to get as pretty as possible. My bridesmaid, Kat, is a professional hair and make-up artist. She was kind of the leader in showing up all what to do to our hair and faces. It was like watching a Youtube tutorial and I helped out. She solely did my hair and make-up because well, I’m the bride?

willandrachaelforeverwedding-179It was kind of like a giant sleepover.


I chose a look that was inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013 runway. A cat eye with a oxblood lip.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-254  willandrachaelforeverwedding-263


My bridesmaid’s set up Bellinis for us all.

photo (2)

I chose my favorite nail color, Wicked by Essie for the bridemaid.


A bunch of use wore Meredith Frederick bracelets.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-302 willandrachaelforeverwedding-332 willandrachaelforeverwedding-339My dress was very detailed so I did an up-do with this headpiece that I really loved. We used the Naked palette for our make-up and my favorite Airflash foundation from Dior.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-347I loved the flower crowns we ordered off Etsy


willandrachaelforeverwedding-401My mother made my veil and it was exactly what I wanted. Lace with petals floating down the back.


Haha my brother who is marrying us is looking away.


I told my bridesmaids to choose their own dress. I told them just keep it in the nude and blush zone. I wanted them to feel both comfortable and get something you will wear again.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-518 (2)

Here are some final detail shots.

willandrachaelforeverwedding-590 (1) willandrachaelforeverwedding-630 willandrachaelforeverwedding-703 willandrachaelforeverwedding-825 willandrachaelforeverwedding-966

Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana Dress: Custom inspired by a Marchesa top, middle by Grace Kelly’s dress, and bottom inspired by Dior skirt.


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