#SDCARDISSUES @Storets Coat, #Beautytricks & #NewHair @HM @SteveMadden

I was so pissed. We shot wonderful new outfits for the blog only to have my SD Card delete them all.  I tried all of the programs possible in order to recovery them but could only get these four. So that explains the #SDCARDISSUES

My beauty trick that you see here is that I always carry Coco Butter with me in a stick at all times.  I use it whenever anything is starting to feel dry or chapped in this crazy cold weather but also as a way to add a glow to my cheeks. So this test shot caught me doing it. Finally, I lighted my hair a bit. Mostly the ends have a bit of a subtle ombre. It’s just enough to bright some sunshine into my life but not too much where I look dated.


IMG_4635 copy


IMG_4637 copy


IMG_4638 copy


IMG_4639 copy


THIS GLORIOUS FUCKING COAT: Storets Boots: Steve Madden Jeans: J. Brand Hat: H&M


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