#TheShowMustGoOn #WinterWhite #Allwhite @Storets @Vans @BananaRepublic @JCrew @MichaelKors

We are still having technical difficulties but the show must go on. So here is when the Iphone5 came in handy. Thanks Apple. I decided to show off my new coat by wearing all white. I originally had planned on wearing a heel but with this crazy weather really needed a flat. I think I look a bit sill in this outfit but tell me your thoughts.


photo 1 (6)

photo 1 (3) copy

photo 2 (7) copy

photo 3 (3) copy

photo 1 copy

photo 1 copyphoto 4 (4) copyphoto 3 (6) copy

photo 2 (3) copyCoat: Storets Jeans: Banana Republic Bag: Michael Kors Shirt: J. Crew Men’s Shoes: Vans

I know it’s not the best but it’s what we can work with until our camera is all fixed up. Thank god for warranties, amiright?




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