#MixedPrints #English #SchoolGirlChic with @HM @Storets @BananaRepublic @AnneTaylor @Zara

I love wearing high knee socks. I feel like I’m a little school girl. Here is my Sunday look. It’s great for shopping and brunch. The extra layers really help keep you warm in this cold NYC weather. I can’t imagine what fashion week is going to be like since it literally snows every other day. I love mixing prints like this Herringbone with this Gingham. It’s a really fun combination. Layering to stay warm doesn’t have to be boring. Just try different combinations of colors and prints. It will help brighten your cloudy winter days and keep you out of the sweater, jeans, and boots rut.

_DSC1730 copy _DSC1731 copy _DSC1735 _DSC1736 copy _DSC1739 _DSC1741 copy _DSC1743 copy _DSC1746 copy

Shot by Svetlana Blassuci


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