#Prints #CapriPants from @JCrew and #Menswear with @KateSpadeNY Pumps

Even though there was a crazy snow storm yesterday, I still had to look my best for meetings and things so I decided that pumps were the best shoe for this weather. Not the best idea in the world but it happened. Luckily, we shot inside so I didn’t have be any colder than we had to.

I feel like this post could also serve as a lesson in photography. I look so tiny when someone shoots me from above. It’s kind of hilarious to watch me grow in size when shot from different angles.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think of this look or yell at me for my footwear. Either one will do.


IMG_4921 copy

IMG_4927 copy

IMG_4929 copy

IMG_4922 copy

IMG_4932 copy

IMG_4930 copy

IMG_4936 copy

IMG_4940 copy

IMG_4933 copy

IMG_4941 copy

IMG_4931 copy

Pants: J. Crew Coat: Storets Shoes: Kate Spade Necklace: Vintage


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