I love @DoyleandDoyle. Read about #TheVault, A Life #Adorned: LAVISH #ACCESSORIES Launch Party

Last night, I once again had the honor of stepping into my favorite NYC Jewelry store, Doyle and Doyle. You may remember my post about their opening party. If not, you can see it here: http://rachaelforster.com/2013/11/16/782/

Last night was a party celebrating a truly unique and wonderful thing. It celebrated unique and specially curated jeweled pieces from the past. The Vault, A Life Adorned: Lavish Accessories was co-curated by famous journalist Lynn Yaegar. Some of these pictures included a gold and pearl hairpiece (slightly helmet-like yet beautiful), a parasol tip, and my favorite a ring with a chain that connected to a clip meant to carry a handkerchief. Apparently, in the Victorian era, it was completely normal to just have your hanky hanging from your hand all day long. I can’t say I’m not thrilled that this tradition is long past as I feel like it would be a royal pain in the ass.

All handkerchief jokes aside, there were some absolutely amazing pieces. My favorite was a cigarette case that had the outline of Europe. It had gem at all the capital cities. Petrograd was the city marked in Russia (or the Soviet at the time) which meant that this case had to be made between 1914- 1924. It’s so amazing that small details can reveal so much about the piece.

When talking to the owners, I learned so much about how they track down when a piece was made. Whether it be a small stamp, the kind of mental, or the cut of the gym, they search over each piece in the store putting together little clues in order to give you the most historically accurate information. The wealth of knowledge that each person in the story carries is incredible.

I got the chance to have a short but sweet conversation with Yaeger about a beautiful gold lipstick tub. I told her about a ruby encrusted lipstick tube I had from my grandmother and she told me, “Those things mean the world. Never let that go.” I assured her I would right about the time she was pulled away to be interviewed. I took a few photos last night but here they are. If you want to see more detailed shots go to, http://www.doyledoyle.com/blog/thevault1/


IMG_4942 IMG_4943 IMG_4945 IMG_4948 IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4953 IMG_4956 IMG_4957 IMG_4958


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