#NYFW #Streetstyle from #Day1 that you didn’t see

NYFW Street Style pictures only show a small portion of all the awesome street style out there. They most publish pictures of famous editors, big bloggers, models, and other fashion big wigs. But there are so many stylish individuals on the street of NYC. Here are a few…

Shot by Svetlana Blasucci

NYFW2014-28 NYFW2014-29 NYFW2014-39 NYFW2014-45 NYFW2014-50 - Copy NYFW2014-55 - Copy NYFW2014-64 - Copy NYFW2014-66 - Copy copy NYFW2014-70 - Copy copy NYFW2014-75 - Copy copy NYFW2014-76 - Copy NYFW2014-79 - Copy copy NYFW2014-86 NYFW2014-93 copy NYFW2014-97 - Copy NYFW2014-98 copy NYFW2014-99 NYFW2014-102 NYFW2014-104 copy


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