#BlackandWhite Repping #NYC for the #PaintedBlack #Party @SupertrashHQ and@TheFryeCompany

As some of you may know I won a contest at LifestyleofTheUnemployed.com … I absolutely love his blog and was so excited to win. He sent Will and me to The Painted Black Party in his spot. We had a great time and I was singing, “the sun don’t shine, the sun don’t shine, I say the sun don’t shine…” for days to come. Here is my look. I normally wear heels for parties, or just any time in the evening, and well come to think of it, day…but with this awful slushy, puddle filled, snowy, mess of a city that is currently New York, I wore motorcycle boots. So with this is channeled my inner rock chick and was on my way.

IMG_5075 copy


IMG_5076 copy


IMG_5077 copy

IMG_5078 copy

IMG_5080 copy


Jeans: Supertrash Boots: Frye Shirt: Gift from my sister


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