#Grainy and #Homey with @storets @earnestsewn @zara

I feel like we were lied to by mother nature. We had one beautiful day then it was back to freezing cold weather. Will and I ended up walking around all day and eventually lost all the good light so we decided to shoot in our favorite place. Our bedroom. I love our walls and I love siting on our radiator. I know that sounds strange but it’s just a beauty, warm little corner in the apartment we made a home. You really have to appreciate that.

On Saturday night, we had people over for a dinner party where Will made a lovely curry and I sat around and thought, this is my home. People were there and it was full of life. Everyone who came brought a bottle of wine (we had a lot of french speakers so obviously they brought wine) and we drank far too much of it which led to a headlining group performance of the Cell Block Tango. It was wonderful. It made me appreciate this home so much more.

Anyway, back on this outfit. I was missing my one of a kind Earnest Sewn jeans. I love the paint and marbled effect. It’s so unique. Check out the look and tell me about what trend you want to try. I’m here to give advice.

IMG_5204 copy

IMG_5207 copy

IMG_5219 copy

IMG_5205 copy



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