When #BabySpice meets #SportySpice… with @Nike @Storets @JCrew @Revlon

This is a first for me. I am not a sneaker girl unless I am going to the gym. But recently, I injured my ankle with too many skips of the rope and am stuck with flats for a bit. The doctor recommended sneakers as my best bet so I decided to heed his advice. So, I have been embracing the sneaker trend and I’ll tell you, my feet are really happy about it.

In this cold weather,  I really am missing any resemblance of spring. I’d be happy with just 20 more degrees and a small bud growing for the trees. I think that’s why I’ve been really wearing a lot of pink. Or maybe, it’s because I’m working on a vampire mini-series so black while always a classic, could use a bit of a break in my closet. No matter the reason, here I am with a popping pink lip and pale pink pants and pink details on my sneakers…all with a messy braid that was a really nice french braid when I left the house of a rat’s nest when I left my Invisalign consult. Enjoy it either way.

Also, check out those sweet nails Marchesa for Revlon.

IMG_5226 copy

IMG_5234 copy

IMG_5227 copy

IMG_5239 copy


IMG_5230 copy

IMG_5236 copy

IMG_5232 copy

Sneaker: Nike Pants: J. Crew Cafe Capri Coat: Storets




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