Is hell. Sorry but there will be significantly less posts over the next week or so. I love NYC so much that it’s heartbreaking to go but you only grow through change.


Spring Hopefulness with @Zara_International @LaParisienneCapri @EmilioPucci and @HM

With very high hopes about the weather turning to sunny days, I broke out my capris from Capri, Italy. Every time I wear them it brings happy memories of sunning on the beach, shopping, amazing views, and walking around the gorgeous island. I miss it. I miss sun. Anyway, we had a bit of nice weather where I didn’t have to be completely bundled. I went for some modern simplicity with a fun printed scarf used as a headband. Here are a few shoes in my outfit.

A few notes on the capris, La Parisienne, is where the capri was invented hence the name. Jackie O, Audrey Hephburn, Brigette Bardot, all shopped here. I’m sure you’ve all seen glamorous pictures of these ladies in this cropped pants and this is where they got them. It’s iconic. If you go to Capri, go there, get a pair. They are timeless. You will always wear and love them.

IMG_5487 copyIMG_5516

IMG_5496 copy


IMG_5490 copy


Shoes: Zara Pants: La Parisienne Scarf: Emilio Pucci Coat: Storets Sweater: H&M


#Decoding #GuyTalk Is this a #date #outfit problems? #girlproblems using #polyvore

Guys are infamously shitty at saying exactly what it is that they want. Sometimes dating can feel like trying to crack a code. I had a friend who had a guy invite to hang out at a bar and she thought it was a date but it ended up being his friends and her at a massive hotel pool party. Not cool… also, not clear. Here are a few outfit ideas to save you from any embarrassment of these situations.



Decoding Guy Language. What should I wear to this maybe date?
The key to these situations is to be relaxed enough that you can play it cool but dressed up enough that if you take off your jacket you won’t be worried about being under dressed for an actual date.

Hopefully this #ColdWeatherisOver in #Vintage White #FauxFur @Storets #Plaid #BlackandWhite



IMG_5468 copy


Too tired to write word. Just know this cold better stay far away. I am so tired of it.




IMG_5482 copy

#happyinternationalhappinessday and #happymacaroonday.

Does anyone else thing it’s not a coincidence that international Macaroon day and International Happiness Day fall on the same day? I think not. Macaroons make me very happy and I am about to run off to Laudree as we speak to get some heavenly sweet treats.

But let’s talk about other things that make us happy. Like human connection. Take some time today to tell people that you appreciate them and what they do to make you happy. Also, do something today that makes you happy. I painted earlier. I’m a terrible painter but oh well. I was enjoying it. So go do something!


A #PopofColor with #ShoeofTheDay wearing @HM @JBrandJeans @Storets #Chanel and @MarcFisherGirl

First things first, I have a new spring hair color thanks to Michelle at Aveda! She is a master. She gave me a summery “sombre” aka subtle ombre from summer. She is kind of a mastermind of color. She is based in NY and if you need a colorist that you are absolutely in love with, I recommend Michelle C.

Now, this look is fun because it’s dark with just a pop of color. I love adding just a bit to let it stand out. This shoes are great and I thought why not let them be a focus. I also feel like a badass when I put on my leather vest. This was kind of a winning look for a day of errands, brunch, and family time. My nephew is already up to my belly button so I have to wear heels if I want to be saved from jokes about how short I am.

Here is the look. Also, just a word, these shoes are so comfortable. You wouldn’t think so with this heel but I spent all day in them and it was great!








IMG_5460Coat: Storets Jeans: J Brand Shoes: Marc Fisher Top: J. Crew Men’s¬†Vest: H&M