In LA… with @HM @RayBan @Soludos

I AM BACK! AND I have an orange tree and a backyard. WTF? In NYC, you are lucky if you’re fire escape is large enough to hold a plant. This is making me very excited. Everything is sooooo new out here and I’ve met a lot of great people. I am totally just enjoying the ride. I shot my long black maxi dress which I cut a slit into. I decided to shoot under my new orange tree because I’m really excited about it.

So far I am really enjoying the city and have experienced some moments that I will never forget, both good and bad. So far, mostly good. I am very much missing NYC and can’t believe I am not there. One of my best friends may visit for the month of May and I am just so overjoyed. LA is a really interesting place and everyone always said that comparing it to NYC is like comparing apples to oranges. Well, I’ve got my oranges right now.

IMG_5550 copy

IMG_5562 copy

IMG_5563 copy


IMG_5548 copy

Dress: H&M Sunglasses: RayBan Shoes: Soludos  Vest: H&M Scarf in Hair: Emilio Pucci



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