Paris Goes #West with @HM @Zara #CropTops #LeatherSkirt #SchoolGirl #FrenchStyle

I love a pleated skirt with a striped top. It makes me feel Parisian. This is kind of a Cali twist on that that. I couldn’t be any more pleased about the return of the crop top and LA is definitely the place to where it. This look is probably as LA as I will get. I refuse to give up my NYC style. But it’s not really NYC style, it’s my style. All of my friends said that they thought it would change but I am who I am. I love feminine, lady-like pieces with a bit of edge. It’s very defining for me. It’s never going to change. I am who I am and your taste in clothing should be physical proclamation who you want the world to know.

Let’s talk about these flowers for a hot minute. My favorite thing about LA is the plants growing everywhere. It’s even more beautiful when they are not perfectly manicured and just are.










IMG_5759Shoes & Top: Zara Skirt & Blazer: H&M Necklace: Simply Vera



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