On Top of The City with @JoesJeans @HM @Zara @Soludos @RayBan #LA #CropTops #Stripes #BoyfriendJeans

This is a super casual Sunday look. I love crop tops. They are just so fun and I’m glad that we managed to resurrect them from the 90’s. I explored Griffith Observatory for some amazing views. I love seeing the city from up high. It’s very different from NYC so the urban sprawl makes for a new take of life. I have an American girl vibe happening with the red, white, and blue. Always patriotic.

I’m going to add a new little bit to the blog. I used to always keep journals as a child and teen. In them I would always write a lyrics of a song from my mood or something that was inspiring. I decided to add this to the end of each blog post.












Blazer: H&M Crop Top: Zara Jeans: Joe’s Jeans Shoes: Soludos

You make me crazy, you make me wild
Just like a baby, spin me ’round like a child
Your skin so golden brown
Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American”

-Lana Del Rey



Lady-like style with @HM @ZARA @UrbanOutfitters #ladylike #feminine #style

I  just got this gorgeous skirt at Zara. I have worn it way more than I probably should have considering it’s new. There are just so many fun ways to wear it. So, I had a very glamorous day of meetings in LA and this was my outfit. The blue is perfect in sunny LA. I am really into blue right now. I pretty much want to buy this color in every piece of clothing.

Let me know what you think. What colors are you into this spring?

IMG_5930 copy

IMG_5937 copy


IMG_5941 copy

IMG_5964 copy

IMG_5972 copy


IMG_5987 copy

IMG_5940 copy

Skirt: Zara Top:Urban Outfitters


#Vintage #Trench #Dress #TrenchDress

LA is so fun and the consignment is fantastic. It is a lot of fun. It’s been really busy with work but that’s the best kind of busy in this career. I wore this dress to set the other day and before I changed into my costume, people were complimenting it non-stop. I’m happy I stumbled upon this little purchase.










Paris Goes #West with @HM @Zara #CropTops #LeatherSkirt #SchoolGirl #FrenchStyle

I love a pleated skirt with a striped top. It makes me feel Parisian. This is kind of a Cali twist on that that. I couldn’t be any more pleased about the return of the crop top and LA is definitely the place to where it. This look is probably as LA as I will get. I refuse to give up my NYC style. But it’s not really NYC style, it’s my style. All of my friends said that they thought it would change but I am who I am. I love feminine, lady-like pieces with a bit of edge. It’s very defining for me. It’s never going to change. I am who I am and your taste in clothing should be physical proclamation who you want the world to know.

Let’s talk about these flowers for a hot minute. My favorite thing about LA is the plants growing everywhere. It’s even more beautiful when they are not perfectly manicured and just are.










IMG_5759Shoes & Top: Zara Skirt & Blazer: H&M Necklace: Simply Vera


Bright Colors in Venice, CA with @Topshop @ChanelInternational @Soludos

I love red. It’s just such a great bright pop. In LA, you definitely don’t need color to brighten up your day but you definitely need some to fit in with your surrounding. This Topshop dress is lady-like with a great red punch. It was perfect for a day of errands and shopping, which isn’t so different for what I do in NYC all the time. But everything is different to LA. Having to drive is like traveling to Mars for me. So you’re tell me I can’t just take the F train to Soho for a quick trip to H&M, okay? Oh, I can’t walk to Whole Foods? Okay, I’ll drive. So, what about exercise? I have to go to an actual gym…I see. Needless to say, I am missing NYC but mostly, the people in it. It’s really too beautiful to complain.





In LA… with @HM @RayBan @Soludos

I AM BACK! AND I have an orange tree and a backyard. WTF? In NYC, you are lucky if you’re fire escape is large enough to hold a plant. This is making me very excited. Everything is sooooo new out here and I’ve met a lot of great people. I am totally just enjoying the ride. I shot my long black maxi dress which I cut a slit into. I decided to shoot under my new orange tree because I’m really excited about it.

So far I am really enjoying the city and have experienced some moments that I will never forget, both good and bad. So far, mostly good. I am very much missing NYC and can’t believe I am not there. One of my best friends may visit for the month of May and I am just so overjoyed. LA is a really interesting place and everyone always said that comparing it to NYC is like comparing apples to oranges. Well, I’ve got my oranges right now.

IMG_5550 copy

IMG_5562 copy

IMG_5563 copy


IMG_5548 copy

Dress: H&M Sunglasses: RayBan Shoes: Soludos  Vest: H&M Scarf in Hair: Emilio Pucci


Spring Hopefulness with @Zara_International @LaParisienneCapri @EmilioPucci and @HM

With very high hopes about the weather turning to sunny days, I broke out my capris from Capri, Italy. Every time I wear them it brings happy memories of sunning on the beach, shopping, amazing views, and walking around the gorgeous island. I miss it. I miss sun. Anyway, we had a bit of nice weather where I didn’t have to be completely bundled. I went for some modern simplicity with a fun printed scarf used as a headband. Here are a few shoes in my outfit.

A few notes on the capris, La Parisienne, is where the capri was invented hence the name. Jackie O, Audrey Hephburn, Brigette Bardot, all shopped here. I’m sure you’ve all seen glamorous pictures of these ladies in this cropped pants and this is where they got them. It’s iconic. If you go to Capri, go there, get a pair. They are timeless. You will always wear and love them.

IMG_5487 copyIMG_5516

IMG_5496 copy


IMG_5490 copy


Shoes: Zara Pants: La Parisienne Scarf: Emilio Pucci Coat: Storets Sweater: H&M