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#Relaunch coming soon. The New Rachael Forster

Hi everyone,

Blogging has been slower. I blame it partial on how busy I’ve been but mostly because we are rebranding a bit. It’s going to be completely new kind of photography as well as focusing in on my style, the pieces I’m wearing, the life I’m living and why it all works for me. We are adding a more editorial feel to the photos and a more artistic approach to our site. It’s going to be a completely new interface which of course means trial and error but our readers are worth it. I want to combine more of my life by adding more fashion films and theatrics. We also want to add more about positive and healthy habits that we yearn to cultivate. We are also looking for more and new LA based photographers.

So be patient and get excited. I have so much love for you all. Thank you for all the support and love!




Is hell. Sorry but there will be significantly less posts over the next week or so. I love NYC so much that it’s heartbreaking to go but you only grow through change.

#Oscar #Fashion and my #thoughts of it all! #bestbabybumpstyle #bestpose #oscarredcarpet

As an actress, the Oscars are my favorite day of the year. I cry from start to finish because there is nothing I care to achieve more in life than that beautiful golden statue. It is the most inspiring day of the year for me and continues to remind me of what I am working for as well as why I do.

As someone who loves clothing, it’s also my favorite day of the year. I wanted to share my best dressed and my few things that ¬†were not for me. All these pictures were taken from so they will have all the photo credits.

Sandra Bullock. The gorgeous movement and structure of this dress created an amazing and flattering shape on her body. her accessories and hair were absolutely perfect for this draped concoction. I also love how her eyes popped against that Midnight Blue. Go Alexander McQueen!


Jennifer Lawrence. The color, the structure. The Neil Lane diamonds that draped from her neck down her back. And oh, the fact that she is charming as fuck. She definitely was one of the ones to watch last night. Her make-up and hair were simple enough that they didn’t compete but complement her outfit. I think it was a work of team Zoe and if so, I’m not surprised. They never disappoint. Though I have to admit that styling is even easier when your girl is a Dior spokesperson.


Jennifer Garner. While I’m not surprised by her choice of dress and accessories, she still looked amazing. She knows what works for her and she sticks to it. There is something to be said for that. But the stacked jewel bracelets,rings, and clutch are a sparkly wonder and the beaded tiered fringe that Oscar De La Renta created is unstoppable. I’m glad she chose this princess meets 1920’s gown. It was feminine and fun.


LUPITA! The best supporting actress competition really fell between her and J. LAW. It was so hard. Your two new favorite talents and sweethearts were right in front of you and you had to chose one. It felt so wrong! But in the end, Lupita’s performance was just so heart-wrenching that you felt as though something had changed inside of you. But THE DRESS. The color was gorgeous on her and the beaded down the pleated. Prada and she worked together to create this dress and boy did it pay off. I will saw I wish either there was no headband or they styled her hair differently with the headband. I also wish there were not gold accessories but they kept it to platinum or silver. I think it would have looked better.


Kate Hudson’s dress was very Kate Hudson. Though she never plays it safe, she does have a signature style. I can’t care because she looked great last night and this cape was absolutely magical for me. I also love the fit of the dress around her hips. I thought embraced the beautiful body she has!


Catte Blanchette in Giorgio Armani. She looked like a princess. The hair and make-up said Grace Kelly. The long earrings which were a mixture of beautiful pastel colors when looking close up worked so well which this fairy tale dress. The detailing was incredible and I’m so happy to see her choose something more feminine and less adventurous for once. I’m also happy that she won because she was spectacular in Blue Jasmine.


The non-actress of my Best Dress list! Chrissy Teigan. While she was there to support her man, John Legend, she had a fairy tale moment of her own. This Monique Lhuillier gown was fantastic and fun. Her simple but decadent accessories let the down speak for itself and she rocked the carpet like a A-lister.


Angelina Jolie was my favorite of the night. She looked like a queen. Maybe it’s because we are so used to seeing her in black but for me there was a regal quality that she was giving off the entire evening. This Elie Saab gown was sure a change up for her but a very positive one. It moved so perfect that I wouldn’t be surprised it someone told me it was made specifically for her. She was there to support Brad though she probably would have been there anyway, as she is Angelina Jolie, but she was the star of the night in my eyes. I think they happen to fit so perfectly together even when she is in jaw dropping gowns, they manage to never really outshine each other but look like the perfect unit.


Best Dressed Baby Bump: Olivia Wilde. I think tighter is better when dressing a bump or you risk looking like an air balloon. Embracing the bump and showing off the rest of your body is a great styling move. Olivia Wilde did it in this Valentino dress. Between the classic make-up and stand out earrings, you hardly even noticed the giant baby in her belly. She looked gorgeous.


Biggest Letdown of The Night: I love Margot Robbie. She killed it all award season but I was disappointed last night. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t think her dark hair suites her or that her make-up was so severe. I wouldn’t have taken this trip to the dark side. Maybe this is the kind of dress that is amazing in person but doesn’t translate to camera. It did have great detailing and Saint Laurent is an amazing design house but I think if she was choosing this dress, the beauty and accessories should have been different.


Best Dressed Man: Jared Leto look a risk and it paid off. No one is surprised. He is a very stylish man who lives without rules. He’s also a sweetheart who I’ve met a couple of times. He’s always been nothing but gracious. Also, I think his hair is nicer than mine right now. Anyway, the deep rose bowtie could have so easily looked like her was going to Prom but he made it work.


Favorite couple: Their love oozes out of every screenshot or picture, I’ve ever seen of them. They seem to be perfect together but I think my favorite thing is that Camilla Alves never tries to outshine Matthew with overly glittery bright dresses but rather it seems as though they pick out their outfits together. They always look like the perfectly dressed pair.


Biggest Surprise: I expected Anna Kendrick to wear some pastel princess gown but she explored her edgy side. It paid off. While she wasn’t one of my favorites of the night, she did look great. J. Mendel should be very proud to have their dress of such a remarkable young lady. She did the designer justice!


Best Pose: Anne Hathaway. I’m not big of the dress but that leg/back shot is amazing. Girl knows how to work her angles. She looked perfect but she didn’t stand out for me as much as so many other people of the carpet.


Best Dress and Jewelry Combo: The minute I saw Charlize I knew it was Harry Winston and Dior. It’s kind of her go-to but also just something about the structure of it all. She looked breathtaking . I think that necklace and that neckline fit better than peanut butter and jelly. She was understated and elegant. I think this is the perfect look for a presenter. Also- THAT TRAIN!


Honorable Mention for always looking ladylike and beautiful: Penelope Cruz. Even when she isn’t front and center at an award show she manages to leave a beautiful lasting impression and last night she looked like a budding spring rose. A Spanish rose to be exact.


And that’s all folks! Tell me your thoughts! Do you disagree?

#Goldilocks & #JeanShopping with @JBrandJeans #FindingThePerfectPair

You know the story of Goldilocks. She goes through and has to try every bowl of porridge and the beds before she finds her perfect one. Well, jean shopping is kind of like that but worse. I can’t think of anything more utterly time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming (well, other than planning your wedding) than jean shopping. I go to a big department store. Bergdorf Goodman being the store of choice. I search for a sales person but honestly, I just read Lauren Conrad’s Denim Guide so I must be set. I’m pretty much a Denim Guru. According to her, I can wear almost any cut, but boot cut will be the most flattering. How many pairs do you have to try on to find the perfect one? Do you want a straight leg, a skinny pair, a cigarette leg, wait is that the same as the straight leg? Are boot cuts completely out? Cause I swear I saw Jessica Alba in a pair.


My size? I never really know until I try them on. Yeah, I know every brand is different…Thanks, for bringing me all these options. You’re right, I won’t know unless I try all the fits. Well, I’m petite but I’m an hourglass. Nope. These don’t work. If it fits in the thighs/butt then it doesn’t fit in the waist. Yeah, I know, Kim Kardashian and I have the same problem. I never knew she tailored all of her jeans to fit better in the waist. Okay, let’s try down a size. Yeah, that really did help.


Okay, I think I’ve found the right pair. Great. Oh? What wash do I want it in? The blue kind. Oh, you have 9 different types of washes in blue. No, that fade right there makes my thighs look bigger. Do you have plain? Great. Stitching? So this color has three different color stitching options. How about something simple? Okay. Awesome, just blue on blue.


Now, I need to test drive them. I need to know I can do the most important functions in them.


Well, I can’t arabesque in these so that’s not going to work.


Oh, these let me do my best Miley impersonation. This might be a winner.


But these allow me to philosophize the meaning of life and what pastels are missing from my closet (way to get into my head, Harper’s Bazaar).


But I think I need to go back to these because they allow me to bend down like a lady.


Yes, yes, these will do.

In the end, I ate all the porridge (making it harder to fit into my jeans) then laid in every bed (quite the workout), even tried to convince my stylist to let me have Blake Lively’s hair color and found that the only one that was just right was made by tried and true, J. Brand Jeans. I ended up with the Photo Ready Skinny Leg and like they say, when you find a basic that works for you and you love, buy many. Bye, bye credit card limit. It was nice knowing you but even better knowing sweet, sweet denim comfort.

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