5 #Places I’d Like to #Travel to in 2014

I love to travel and I am determined to finally be able to scrooge up the money and find the time to fly away to some other places. I want to revisit the old and discover the new. I was planning on doing 14 for 2014 but let’s face it with a movie filming this summer and a limited bank account, I am going to settle on 5. Here are my 5 places of 2014.



9a2e74af8f4bc884a51ea934f56a87a6Surprisingly, I’ve never been anywhere in Ireland. I really want to hit up Dublin to visit my dear friend Johnny before off to the quiet countryside. There seems like there is so much beauty to see and I want to see every lush green open field I can. I’m hoping I can make it there in March when it is still a bit cold and I could put my Wellington boots to the test.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy


I’ve been to Italy before and it is by far one of my most favorite countries but I’ve never been to Cinque Terre even though I’ve always dreamed of it. I hope to make my way there sometime this summer. Hopefully, I can go in May when it starts to heat up but tourist season isn’t at it’s highest.

3. Venice

d96059851c81dfbf3393873ce609a81fI’ve been to Venice before and loved it. It’s remarkable and there truly is nowhere in the world like it. But like Paris, it is a city for lovers. Will has never been and I’ve been dying to go with him. Maybe we can make a great escape this summer. I love hearing the water crash along the sidewalks at night and in the summer when the sun is beaming down on you as you make your way through narrow alleyways. I love seeing the masks in the windows, feeling the vaporetto sway back and forth as you travel around, and knowing that all this history may not last forever.

4. Isreal

059bde2d2e549fb53dab8990ba42df78I have yet to take my Birthright yet. I am one of the last of all my Jewish friends to not have explored Israel. My brother hasn’t gone either so I am hoping that we can do it soon. I want to float in the Dead Sea and so many pictures that my camera card breaks. My grandma use to rave about her love of Israel so not going would be a real sadness.

5. Brazil

475e05f4418b79a812ccd65585a65054I’ve wanted to go to Brazil my entire life. It seems like a land filled with beauty, passion, and cultural. That pretty much checks off ever box on my life. There are so many beautiful places to visit in this amazing country and hey, the World Cup happening to be the same year just kind of improves the experience for me.


The Joutfit of my dreams.

Okay, I hope everyone knows the dream joutfit and if you don’t I’ll make it easy Jeans + Outfit = Joufit. My friends and I came up with this term a few years back when denim on denim really came back on trend. Let me specify by saying that it really refers to anything that looks like denim, so chambray counts.

I had a dream joutfit in mind for a while now. I discovered it when watching the movie Blow with Penelope Cruz & Johnny Depp. In the scene where they marry, she is wearing a completely badass totally 70’s chambray mechanics jumpsuit.



I pretty much NEEDED to have it. But where could I find it? I googled everything, “chambray jumpsuit, mechanics jumpsuit women, denim jumpsuit”. Nothing fit the bill. It seemed like it didn’t matter how many times I searched Google, Pinterest, or repeatedly stared at pictures of Penelope and all her jumpsuit glory. So, the obvious next stop was vintage shops. Duh? Why didn’t I think of that first? So I trekked through both the East and West Village. I searched SoHo. I had tired feet, a lot of coffee, an unlimited metro card but NO CHAMBRAY JUMPSUIT.

New York had failed me but it was okay because I was going to be in San Fran, in a few weeks time. I spent a full day rummaging through everything in Haight Ashbury only to be disappointed. There was nothing even close to it. I had pretty much given up. Then, on our second to last day in California, I was walking along Abbot Kinneay when suddenly a french gypsy woman is selling my jumpsuit (or similar enough to). I ran over, immediately tried it on over my dress in the street, and walked away with it in about 5 minutes time.  So here I am, with what I name THE BLOW MARRIAGE JUMPSUIT.






Jumpsuit: Vintage (no tag) Bag: Chanel Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Fun on the beach

Will and I caught the most beautiful sunset on the beach. We were staying in an apartment in Santa Monica on Ocean Ave so we could look out the window and see water. We decided to seize the moment and go have some fun. It started out with just some beautiful golden hour pictures and turned into some serious fooling around. Eventually, we put valuables safely down within sight and had a pretty freezing cold water fight.



Chiara & Polka Dots & Yummy Food

Let’s start this post with the yummy food. Joan’s on 3rd is one of the most popular places to eat in LA. Will & I ate there regularly while we were living in Santa Monica for our trip. You can have everything you want and the lattes are the bomb. Here is a little afternoon treat we had to go.


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Now moving on, I was shooting my Look of the Day in Los Feliz since we in the neighborhood visiting a cousin. I went for a sort of All American modern 50’s look. I love the way the polka dots pop against the chambray shirt. It was extremely comfortable and easy to put together. I’m loving the wine colored lips for fall.


IMG_1473 copy


Shoes: Dolce Vita Dress: H&M Bag: Chanel Lip Color: NARS

So we are shooting my look and we hear people speaking Italian. We keep walking to find another location and I see a man with a camera, Gregory & a tall blonde, Chiara who is also shooting her look of the day. So, of course, I say “I’m sorry to interrupt but I’m a reader. I’ve met you at fashion week a few times but it’s nice to see you again.” She shakes my hand and seems really excited to meet me. She starts making jokes about how people must think she’s some crazy girl in a gown running around on a street and how she always wonders what people must think. Of course, I’m thinking, they are thinking “OH SHIT, THERE’S THE BLONDE SALAD” but instead just say they probably think you’re going to a fancy prom. I tell her that I am also a blogger and her blog has inspired me. Then we start talking shop.

She tells me about how she gets sent a lot of looks and like that day, for example, she needs to shoot this gown because it was sent to her but she has no where to wear it to. She won’t lie and say she had an event but of course to the readers it probably seems that way. She said that each designer has an idea in their head on how they want the look to be shot so she has to live up to that even if it means changing outfits 5 times in a day. They want to know if she’ll be traveling soon because maybe they prefer to see their dress on the streets of NYC, LA, or back in her home of Milan. She seems as if it is tiring but she is very “business first”. This is something I respect.

I tell her I have a mutual friend with Shea Marie from Peace, Love, Shea and how she apparently will be like “Hold on, I need to make sure this jacket is on in this shot”, even when just out with friends. Chiara responds with some kind of sentiment like “the designer wants what the designer wants”. It is a real business. Anyone who thinks blogging is just “Oh, look how pretty I look today” is wrong. There is a business and a lot of people to answer to behind the scenes of each beautiful photograph. Don’t let this deceive you into thinking that the bloggers are powerless. THEY HAVE CREATIVE CONTROL but they are expected to hold up their side of the bargain. Now, if writing posts, making sure I’m photographed in my free clothes, and that they are posted a certain way at a certain time is all I have to do THEN SIGN ME UP. But it isn’t that easy. It’s writing, it’s photography, it’s styling, it’s modeling, it’s being a creative director, it’s being a PR person, it’s being a social media master, as well as a public figure.

Furthermore, women like Chiara Ferragni and Leandra Medine have had the foresight to seize their media platforms by building a business around it. They both have teams who help them manage everything from their Instagrams to their ad revenue. These woman know that this may not last forever but it is enough to start to build an empire. Leandra has done it with her book, jewelry line, and design collabs. In fact, both women have a capsule collection with Superga. Chiara has done it with her design collabs and her shoe line Chiara Ferragni shoes.

She told me Chiara Ferragni shoes are now branching out to the good ole US of A so hopefully cute lipstick and lip smoking flats will arrive at our American doorsteps in no time. I told her that we also REALLY NEED her Superga line to come out here as I’m dying for the camo pair. We chit chatted and for the first time out of all the times I had run into her she seemed relaxed. We both had to run off and she told me to email her so we can stay in touch. We snapped a few pictures before I left, she gave me a hug, and thanked me for reading. I did email her a few days later only to run into her again while I was boarding for my flight to NYC. We introduced each other to our significant others but after my 2 hour airport nap I could barely board the plan, let alone make conversation.


Tall next to Tiny.

I hope this post doesn’t just glamorize blogging and the big name bloggers. I hope it enlightens you on how the business works as well as showing you examples of women who can become successful and make a business from their minds as well as the passion in their heart. I also hope we start to ask ourselves, “What should we expect from our bloggers?” One line of text and pretty pictures or a thought out post with real information (why an outfit works, what’s happening in fashion, why they chose a look) along with beautiful photos?

Leave me your thoughts & comments.

A new engagement ring

IMG_1430 copy IMG_1450 copy

Even though I am married already, I bet you’ve hardly seen a photo of me with my engagement ring. Here is the story. When Will proposed to me, he proposed with a diamond fully knowing that I would never want a diamond. He wanted something to propose with and knew eventually he would find the right ring for me.

Shortly after, we got engaged my father gave him a ring that had been passed down from generation to generation in my family. It was a very unique ring dating back to 1801. It’s too precious to wear around everyday and I would have been completely heartbroken to have it  lost or stolen.

Then just before our vacation, I was in my favorite NYC vintage jeweler, Doyle & Doyle on Orchard St when I stumbled upon a ruby ring from 1900. It was so simple and beautiful. It broke my heart a bit to leave it there. It was too expensive of a purchase for me to spend for just another ring to wear around at the moment.

Will and I were watching the sunset in Santa Monica when he pulled this little beauty out of his pocket. He bought it so I would finally have an engagement ring to wear around everyday. It made me so happy and completely overjoyed. I love the ruby and it is exactly what I wanted.  So obviously, now I wear it everyday and feel such joy looking at it.

Jewel Tones Meet Pastels & LA & Paramount


In the above, I’m still on the Forest Gump bench. My first full day in LA was filled with a lot of fun. I got a free private tour from a friend who works at The Paramount Lot, had great food, shopped, watched the sunset and closed the night off with hanging out with friends over a great dinner. Here is my look for my wonderful day in LA.


Shirt: Bellatrix Silk Blouse Pants: J. Crew Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bag: Chanel Sunglasses: Rayban

Santa Barbara Look

Here is my look from Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, I’m having internet problems so my post have been a bit spotty and not aligned properly. We are doing the best we can here at RS. I hope you continue to enjoy the looks regardless.

Santa Barbara was dreamy and romantic. We had a pretty Garden Patio room at the Indigo Hotel which is right on the water. We also had a fantastic Italian meal that night. It was nothing but romance.



Booties: Dolce Vita Jeans: Joe’s Jeans T-Shirt:  Men’s J. Crew